Lemon Passion Fruit Vita C Tea 柠檬百香果C多多茶 水果茶


Ingredients / 材 料:
Freeze Dried Lemon, Freeze Dried Passion Fruit, Freeze Dried Lime, Plum, Rock Sugar/ Crystal Sugar
冻干柠檬,冻干百香果, 冻干金桔, 酸梅,冰糖

Function / 功 效:
Freeze dried pure fruit drink that punches a refreshing and soothing sweet sour taste.
冻干水果富有丰富的维他命和营养, 纯正果肉, 清凉消暑, 酸酸甜甜好滋味。

Taste /口感:
Taste of Lemon, passion fruit & plum, sweet sour taste.

Packaging /包装:
12 tea packets
12 个独立茶袋包装

Storage / 储存:
Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and better refrigerated.

Best Before / 保质期限:
Up to 6 months in room temperature, up to 12 months in the refrigerator


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