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[SALES] Fun Bundle: 4 Packs RM70 FREE Shipping WM


[SALES] : Party Bundle 4 Packs only RM70 🌈
🔥 FREE Shipping to West Malaysia

1 pack – Freeze Dried Yogurt Cubes 80g / Any Freeze Dried Fruits 100g
1 pack – Any Premium Freeze Dried Fruits
(Mango 40g / Dragon Fruit 45g)
1 pack – Any Freeze Dried Fruits 50g
(FD Strawberry 50g / FD Apple 50g / FD Green Grape 50g / FD Purple Grape 50g)
1 pack – Mixed Veggies 80g / Any Dried Veggies

[优惠] : Party Bundle 4 包才 RM70 🌈
🔥 FREE 西马包邮

1包 x 冻干酸奶块 80g / 任选 冻干水果 100g
1包 x 任选 Premium 冻干水果
(冻干芒果 40g / 冻干火龙果 45g)
1包 x 任选 冻干水果
(冻干草莓 50g/ 冻干苹果 50g / 冻干青葡萄 50g / 冻干紫葡萄 50g)
1包 x 综合蔬菜干 80g / 任选蔬菜干


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Weight 600 g

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