【5 in 1】Freeze Dried Yogurt Cubes 冻干酸奶块 80g


Taste & Texture:
1 pack Freeze Dried Yogurt Cubes 80g mixed of 6 flavours;
Strawberry, Bayberry, Original, Mulberry, Blueberry, Dragon Fruit
Rich yogurt taste with all natural fruity flavour, crunchy yet melts in your mouth

口味 & 口感:
1 包 冻干酸奶块 80g 混合 6种口味
草莓,杨梅,原味, 蓝莓,火龙果

Yogurt cubes in the market have a very solid overall structure, because it contains starch and lactose.
While ours contain milk powder, probiotic and prebiotic, hence the reason icy texture seen in our cubes.
The cube feels light and crunchy, and most importantly healthy.

市场上有些酸奶块一整块里面是蛮扎实的, 因为放淀粉和乳糖。 我们的是奶粉和益菌 (probiotic),寡糖 (prebiotic),就可以看到里面有结冰的纹路,整粒酸奶块比较轻和脆的口感。 重点是我们要的健康。

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Weight 80 g

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