CNY Florescence Gift Set 新年礼 花开富贵礼盒 Chinese New Year CNY Gift Package


Package included: 

2 x Lemon Passion Fruit Vita C
1 x Shiitake Mushroom 65g
1 x Potato Strips (Tomato Flavour) 30g
1 x Freeze Dried Yogurt Cubes 30g
1 x Freeze Dried Strawberry 50g
1 x Yam 40g
1 x Okra 20g
1 x Crispy Sliced Red Dates 100g

– CNY packaging
– Greeting Card (Please leave your SHORT message in checkout page at the “Note” column 🙂 )
– Free shipping to West Malaysia
– Prefer gift box? Top up RM15 only! (LED light + decoration)

2 x 柠檬百香果C多多
1 x 香菇脆 65g
1 x 番茄土豆条 30g
1 x 冻干酸奶块 30g
1 x 冻干草莓 50g
1 x 芋头脆片 40g
1 x 秋葵 20g
1 x 红枣脆片 100g

– 新年包装(褐色盒子)
– 贺卡 + 写祝福语 (请把你的“简短简单的”寄句, 留言在付款那里有个”Note”的位置哦)
– 西马包邮
– 想要礼盒包装? 只需加RM15罢了。(LED灯,彩色碎纸)




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