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Black Goji Berries | 黑枸杞


Black Goji Berries are a very rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially in vitamins A, C and E, flavanoids and other bio-active compounds. It is also a fairly good source of essential fatty acid. Due to high concentration of anthocyanin, it increases the immunity of the body against the external environment and strengthen body.

Anti-aging is one of the most important effects of black goji berries. Anthocyanins can resist oxidation, eliminate free radicals, and have significant anti-aging effects. Anthocyanins can cross the blood-brain barrier, protect the brain from oxidation, stabilize brain function, and protect the brain from harmful chemicals and toxins. After eating anthocyanins in black goji berries, the quality of sleep can be significantly improved.
Black goji berries help to improve skin and beauty, it prevents the early formation of skin wrinkles and makes the skin younger and more energetic. It not only prevents the early formation of wrinkles, but also supplements nutrients and eliminates harmful free radicals in the body. Anthocyanins are natural sunscreens that block UV rays from attacking the skin. If protected with anthocyanins, about 85% of skin cells can survive.


Black Goji Berries

50g / 100g / 200g

Store in dry condition

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50g, 100g, 200g