Freeze Dried Apple Baby Puff 冻干苹果宝宝饼


Freeze Dried Apple Baby Puff 40g
冻干苹果宝宝饼 40g

Ingredients/材 料:
Apple, Crystal Sugar, Fructo-oligosaccharide

Taste /口感:
Natural taste of apple with a crunchy texture, melt in mouth.

Suitable / 适合:
Infant above 6 months.

40g in bottle
40克 罐装

Keep refrigerated 2°C – 4°C (Before and after opening)
存放于冷藏2°C – 4°C (开封前与开封后)

Best Before/保质期限:
Up to 3 months in room temperature, up to 12 months in the refrigerator
为期3 个月于普通室温,为期12个月于冷藏保存

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What is Freeze Dried Baby Puff?
👉Made from pure fruit puree, placed into cube moulds, and then freeze dried to remove its moisture.
👉This retains about 90% of the fruits nutritious content.
👉Baby Puffs melt in your mouth.
👉Suitable for babies 6 months and above.
👉Baby Puffs do not contain any nuts, beans, eggs and any preservatives.
➡️7 Choices:1. Strawberry  2. Pumpkin   3. Yellow Peach   4. Sweet Corn   5. 🆕Strawberry Yogurt   6. 🆕Banana   7. 🆕Apple

👉适合6个月以上的baby,宝宝饼会溶在嘴里。 不怕宝宝会啃到。
👉把100kg 的新鲜水果🍓 打成果泥然后定型,经过冻干技术把水份抽干,最后剩下不到12.8kg 的精华成为宝宝饼
➡️7款冻干宝宝饼任你选:1. 草莓   2. 南瓜   3. 黄桃   4. 玉米   5. 🆕草莓酸奶   6. 🆕香蕉   7. 🆕苹果

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