American Ginseng Cooling Tea | 泡参根玉竹凉凉茶


Ingredients / 材 料:
American Ginseng, Polygonatum Odoratum (Yu Zhu)

Function / 功 效:
Reduce body inner heatiness with detoxification, reduce tiredness, nourish liver and kidneys, boost vitality, keeping your eyes sharp and refreshing, suitable for the tired workers and daily computer users, advisable to take during day time.
能补气提神、消除疲劳、滋补肝肾、养肝明目、益精力,去除虚热烦倦,消渴,口燥喉干,延缓衰老及养颜等功效,适合工作疲劳、每天面对电脑者、精力不足,经常熬夜者, 建议早上或中午饮用。

Taste / 口感:
American Ginseng aroma with slightly sweet taste

Packaging /包装:
12 tea bags in individual packet
12 个独立茶袋包装

Storage / 储存:
Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and better refrigerated.

Best Before / 保质期限:
Up to 12 months in room temperature, up to 24 months in the refrigerator

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